What You May Get From Coaching...

Coaching is an ongoing relationship between you and your personal advocate. The Coaching relationship is confidential and supportive of your, the client's, best interests. Coach and client meet according to a prearranged schedule, usually once a week, via TELEPHONE. You set your own goals. Your Coach provides unconditional support for your journey and holds you accountable for taking the steps you decide upon towards reaching those goals.

My Services Include:

  • Coaching Consultation (20 minutes)...Get to know me and experience Coaching with no obligation.

  • "TABLE TALK" Wellness Salon (30 minutes)...Monthly conference-call drop-in group...NO FEE.

  • Virtual Groups (1 hour)...Conference-call classes on preannounced topics.

  • INDIVIDUAL COACHING (30 or 45 minute sessions) Just you and me, four sessions per month by appointment

  • Assessments...I offer a variety of Career and Personality assessments with Coaching feedback.

How much does Coaching cost?

Coaching is an investment in yourself. Fees vary according to the services you select, ranging from no charge for my FREE weekly "Table Talk" Salon to Individual Coaching, which is on par with the fees for psychotherapy. One Coaching session can pay for itself in no time as you bring more satisfaction, and more productivity to your own work.

Contact me to arrange for a Complimentary Coaching Consultation

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