Thriving In Medicine

Medicine is both a profession and a calling. In today's healthcare climate, the calling part is becoming more and more elusive for many physicians. I understand that you are increasingly constrained by the requirements of insurance and health management companies that often keep you from practicing medicine in keeping with the personal, ethical, and spiritual convictions that first attracted you to a healing profession.

Overcoming Burnout and Gaining Control...

If you are facing burnout and feel as if you lack control over your life and professional practice, you are not functioning at your best. WELLNESS COACHING can guide you to develop a healthier outlook on your work that will lead you into a more satisfying life.

ARTICLE LINK: "Mid-Career Burnout in Generalist and Specialist Physicians" (Anderson Spickard, Jr, MD; Steven G. Gabbe, MD; John F. Christensen, PhD, JAMA, Vol. 288 No. 12, September 25, 2002)

I can offer you private and confidential support

  • for reconnecting to your core personal and spiritual values
  • for finding time to spend with family and friends
  • for balancing your needs with those of your patients, colleagues, and staff
  • for taking back control over your environment and workload
  • for re-creating meaning in your work and personal life
  • for setting limits & boundaries
Contact me to arrange for a Complimentary Coaching Consultation to see if working with a Coach is right for you!

I hope that you can provide me with additional insight for helping Physicians like you by answering a short survey about your professional challenges and concerns.

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