Thriving As A Healer and Caregiver

As a HEALER or a CAREGIVER, you are called upon daily to provide quality care for someone who is unable to care for him or herself. Whether you have actively chosen to provide this care or life has thrust the responsibility upon you, now is a time that will stretch your emotional and physical resources to their limits. Just as we are instructed to put our own oxygen masks in place before helping others to adjust theirs, it is critical for you to ensure that your needs are being met so that you can be fully capable of providing care to your loved one.

Wellness Coaching Can Help...

By helping you to realign your caregiving efforts with the personal, ethical, and spiritual beliefs that are most meaningful and supportive to you, WELLNESS COACHNG helps you to replenish the resources that you need to keep yourself healthy and vibrant as you answer the call to provide care for your loved one.

I can offer you ongoing support...

  • for establishing a wholesome environment for yourself and your loved ones
  • for recognizing and utilizing your resources to make the best use of your time and energy
  • for staying connected to your own needs while continuing to provide quality care for your loved one
  • for reconnecting to your core values and Authentic Self

What Matters to You?

I hope that you can provide me with additional insight for helping Caregivers like you by answering a short survey about your professional challenges and concerns.

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