Jane Drucker, PhD., PCC

Jane Drucker, Ph.D., PCC, Certified Wellness Coach is the founding explorer behind "Inner Journeys Coaching". Dr. Drucker holds advanced degrees in counseling psychology and special education and is certified at the PCC (Professional Coaching Certificate) level by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She has worked as a teacher, learning specialist, psychotherapist, and as a coach and guide to others on their own "Inner Journeys" for over two decades.

Jane especially enjoys working with people who are excited about life and devotes herself to the success of each and every Coaching client. Her professional expertise, personal commitment, sense of humor, and individualized attention have inspired groups and individual students and clients to achieve their very best.

In addition to being a Certified Coach, Jane is a seminar leader, writer, author, and grassroots community activist.

“Jane has a gift for determining people’s strengths and weaknesses, using a combination of intuition and practiced skill. She listens actively and directs sessions in such a way that participants gain self-knowledge and a more positive self-image after a short time. Her background in teaching, learning diagnosis, and coaching provides a very solid base for her professional interaction with a wide range of people.”

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